Pooyan Asgari

Pooyan Asgari

Job Title: Chief Data Officer

Company: Domain Group

Pooyan oversees Data, Analytics, BI and AI for the group. Pooyan has 15 years’ experience in the Business Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning fields. Pooyan’s team (a group of skilled data scientists, data analysts data engineers) major focus is to provide seamless access to data and analytics across the group and support teams to solve their complex problems with the help of data. Pooyan’s team also actively provide cutting edge AI and BI solutions to internal and external stakeholders.

The team has played a major role in transforming Domain to an agile data-driven business in the past few years. Before joining Domain in 2014, Pooyan was Director of Analytical Products for HLA Global, working with a number of high-profile health care organisation such as Cancer Council of Australia and centre of disease control (CDC) in the United States to build cutting edge AI solutions for the medical sector.

Pooyan has a Bachelor of Software Engineering from Tehran Azad University, a Master in Information Technology from Macquarie University and PhD in machine learning and natural language processing (IT) from the University of Sydney.

Speaking at the following:

14:25 - 15:00
Presentation: Building a Data Driven Business from Scratch

Domain Group has taken the journey from having a small number of data users to now which 60+% of staff are using self service BI. Data is now is a constant part of everyone’s conversation. This session will examine: How to become an Effective IDO – Insights Driven Organisation? How they managed to make a… Read more.