Glenda Crisp

Glenda Crisp

Job Title: Chief Data Officer, EGM Enterprise Data

Company: NAB

Speaking at the following:

09:40 - 10:05
New Format – Keynote Data Leaders Fireside Chat: Analysis Paralysis – Avoiding Inertia by Purposefully Leading Data Driven Change

How to develop your team to innovate effectively? Truly understanding your business and its needs. What are the pain points that can hinder the ability of your team and your company to innovate? What is the role of external collaborations on your ability to innovate? Discussing the importance of entrepreneurialism within your team – giving… Read more.

14:50 - 15:25
Discussion Group: Women & Diversity in Data

Overcoming the algorithmic bias created by an all white, male team – How a team diversity can actually produce more balanced results Analysing the traditional the barriers to entry – are these beginning to change? Why aren’t more diverse groups applying? How to encourage more diverse talent beyond just recruitment phase – Keeping diverse groups… Read more.