Anwar Mirza

Anwar Mirza

Job Title: Global Head of Data Governance

Company: TNT (The Netherlands)

Anwar is a recognised authority on the subject of Data Governance, Master Data Management and Information Management. For the last decade, he has spoken at numerous global events covering forums for Analytics, Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Mobile, Shared Services etc. Anwar’s keynotes, panels and Masterclasses are a balanced blend of cross‐functional, business and IT perspectives presented in a logical flow.

Anwar has developed his own unique Data Governance methodology and deep‐dives into the critical areas that companies often struggle with and prescribes ‘Data’ as the new business imperative. His approach has been adopted by many multi‐national companies, software companies and consulting firms in the USA, Australia, Asia and Europe.

With 30 years of experience at TNT, Anwar has a proven track record in Functional management, global project delivery, controlling core business processes, managing large teams, implementing applications and technology presented in the form of tangible top and bottom line benefits from the outset.

For the past 7 years, Anwar has dedicated much of his personal time to lecturing at University level with a personal objective of bringing ‘Data’ into mainstream education.

Speaking at the following:

08:50 - 09:15
Keynote Presentation: Understanding and Defining the Playing Field –  Data Governance in a 21st Century Environment

Disruption in data and analytics, including self-service,  has empowered business users: They run their own analytics, there is a rise of “citizen data scientists” and we have “data to people” trends. What about governance? Is it disrupted? What are the modern approaches to data governance? What kind of data governance model has proved to be successful… Read more.

09:35 - 10:15
Panel Discussion: Building on Strong Foundations – Delivering an Organisation-Wide Data Governance Framework

What are the key considerations around implementing policies, standards, and education to ensure that your data quality remains high and compliant? How do you keep data governance relevant and engaging for all so it remains high on the agenda? Data governance as the critical enabler? How do you package your data for use across the… Read more.

14:15 - 14:50
Discussion Group: Future Proofing your Organisation for GDPR

To what extent will GDPR increase overall scrutiny of data privacy? How will the rules be interpreted? Who owns the data, permission, and exposure? How to future proof your analytics platform for GDPR. Understanding the ramifications of where your data Everything is connected  – Assessing the risks of having your data in many locations Many… Read more.