The Key Attributes of Strong Customer Experience (CX) Leaders


We spoke with Lisa Pogonoski, Chief Customer Officer at BT Financial Group to find out more about her role and the key attributes of the Chief Customer Officer.


Corinium: The Chief Customer Officer role is relatively new to the C-suite. How do you think the role impacts the business as a whole when it comes to driving the customer experience agenda?

Lisa Pogonoski: While most organisations support customer-focus, having a Chief Customer Officer with a seat at the table ensures the customer is always represented and remains at the forefront of leaders’ minds.

Often, what will make the biggest difference is taking a more customer-focused lens on business decisions. What also helps is to take a longer view, and focus on helping senior leaders consider customer outcomes to make better decisions and drive lasting change.


Corinium: What are the key attributes of strong CX leaders?

Lisa Pogonoski: Strong CX leaders need to be great listeners and great influencers. They need to be curious and courageous. They need to have a genuine interest in the human element of what we do – how do our products and services make a difference in customers’ lives, what problem are we solving for them?

Strong CX leaders need to be great listeners and great influencers. They need to be curious and courageous.


Corinium: You will be speaking on “Fostering Internal Advocates and Loyal Promoters” at the Chief Customer Officer Sydney event. What do you think are the key factors involved?

Lisa Pogonoski: For me, it’s firstly about shifting the focus of senior leaders into that of a deeper consideration of meeting customer needs with better, more customer-focused solutions. There are 3 areas of focus for my team:

  • Driving from the top – engaging senior leaders to role model the behaviour we want
  • Bring the voice of the customer to life – tell stories and bring out the human element of customer-focus.
  • Shifting the way we think and act – hold people to account and create the forums and reporting to show the difference we are making


Corinium: We have noticed a real shift in the financial services industry when it comes to customer experience, with organisations really investing significantly in customer experience. Why do you think that is?

Lisa Pogonoski: We are now realising that customers have access to amazing experiences and every one of these experiences raises their expectations. Customers no longer just compare you to others in your category, they compare you to the last organisation that wowed them, whether it be Uber, Airbnb or their favourite local restaurant. In financial services, we play a critical role in helping customers achieve their best financial future. This is something we take seriously as we know first-hand that their experiences with us can have a significant impact on their personal and emotional well-being for their whole life. We need to focus on really connecting with our customers to build lifelong relationships.


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