09:10- 09:35

Keynote Presentation: When Is Your Data Governance Framework ‘Good Enough’? Preparing for GDPR

Measuring data quality at all levels of the organisation through governance forums. Getting the complete picture of where you stand: Capturing information on what your stakeholders are actually prioritising in terms of getting data remediated. Getting the right level of support within the organisation to make data quality a priority. Ensuring data is of a… Read more.

Chris Butler
Chief Data Officer - Asia Pacific International Markets - HSBC (Hong Kong)

09:35- 10:15

Panel Discussion: Building on Strong Foundations – Delivering an Organisation-Wide Data Governance Framework

What are the key considerations around implementing policies, standards, and education to ensure that your data quality remains high and compliant? How do you keep data governance relevant and engaging for all so it remains high on the agenda? Data governance as the critical enabler? How do you package your data for use across the… Read more.

Chris Butler
Chief Data Officer - Asia Pacific International Markets - HSBC (Hong Kong)
Bala Ayyar
Managing Director, Chief Data Officer - Société Générale (USA)
Anwar Mirza
Global Head of Data Governance - TNT (The Netherlands)
Adrian Loong
Senior Manager, Business Improvement - Commonwealth Bank

10:15- 10:30

Audience Interactive: The Trust Deficit

Let’s start how we mean to go on, in discussion making valuable industry connections. What is the biggest trust issue you see at present? What’s going on in your organisation in the sharing/usage/privacy/responsible use space?

11:00- 11:25

Establishing a Fully Joined-up Data Quality Governance Framework

Establishing a data quality governance framework that delivers genuine improvement Driving change in a broad, complex & federated organisation A fully joined-up data quality governance framework, connecting all areas of the organisation Measuring data quality at all levels of the organisation, from senior executives to customer facing staff Connecting the measurement of data quality to… Read more.

Paul Davies
Head of Enterprise Data Integrity - ANZ

11:25- 12:00

Keynote Panel Discussion: How do you Embed Data Quality within the DNA of Your Organisation?

Data quality and accuracy are not yet a cornerstone for most organisations. But it is critical to the functioning of your business. In this session, delegates will discuss: How do you make teams accountable for data when it’s not part of their core responsibilities? How do you make them care? How possible is it to… Read more.

Kshira Saagar
Head of Analytics & Data Science - The Iconic
Nikoleta Tsockallos
Data Communications and Culture Lead, Chief Data Office - ANZ
David Vaz
Data Governance, Enterprise Data - National Australia Bank
Assyl Haidar
Director of Digital and Data - University of Melbourne

12:00- 12:25

Presentation: Data Integrity for Quality Assurance – Winner Takes It All!

Measuring the link between the quality of data and the value of it. Integrity and reconciliation of the data – ensuring that if your data hops through several systems, it doesn’t drop out! Ensuring the most comprehensive way to measure the integrity of your data. Quality in the context of data driven decision making.

Ai-Hua Kam
Head of Data & Technology, Compliance Program - Standard Chartered Bank

13:25- 14:25

Roundtable Discussions: Data Privacy, Protection and Principles

Delegates will choose 3 topics to discuss with their peers and expert facilitators. How effective can protections around data be? How legally binding are they? Tackling the inherent tension between open data and privacy- What is de-identified data really?  Can that even be achieved with record level data? How should data ethics inform your policy?… Read more.

15:20- 15:45

Presentation: Bringing Order to Chaos by Managing Unstructured Data – Zeroing in on a Moving Target

Exploring best practice for managing your unstructured data sources – Interpretation and management issues. Using unstructured data to measure organisational culture including bullying, sexism and misogyny. Latest methods for analysing social media, images, voice data, chatbot data, IM voice recording. How do you mange all of these data together to get appropriate controls? Ensuring security… Read more.

Craig Rowlands
GM of Information Management, Technology & Operations - Medibank