08:50- 09:25

Keynote Presentation: Understanding and Defining the Playing Field –  Data Governance in a 21st Century Environment

The outline of a Data Governance program, framework and methodology that is embedded into the core of a company’s foundation. A formal approach to tangibly valuing the cost of poor quality data. Exposure of obvious business white spots through the identification of ‘must do’ Data Governance controls. How to prepare yourself for Governing innovation, disruption… Read more.

09:25- 09:50

Presentation: Autonomous World – A Call for More Collaboration Across Industries

It is forecasted by 2021 over 21 billion connected devices will hold the beginning of a new era – an era that sees man and technology come together in unprecedented ways to empower every aspect of our surroundings. The era of Autonomous World with new potentials for businesses, society and humanity. We expect the autonomous… Read more.

09:50- 10:25

Keynote Data Leaders Fireside Chat: Analysis Paralysis – Avoiding Inertia by Purposefully Leading Data Driven Change

How to develop your team to innovate effectively? Truly understanding your business and its needs. What are the pain points that can hinder the ability of your team and your company to innovate? What is the role of external collaborations on your ability to innovate? Discussing the importance of entrepreneurialism within your team – giving… Read more.

10:30- 11:00

Mid-Morning Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Area

Come to the ‘Meet the Speakers Lounge’ within the Exhibition area

11:00- 11:25

Presentation: Welcome to the Data Age- How your Digital Transformation Can Drive Change in your Data Practices

Digital transformations allow organisations to instrument their businesses to a much higher degree, generating greater amounts of data at finer granularity than previously managed. This data can be exploited by developing broader and deeper analytics revealing past and current trends, as well as introducing machine learning pipelines to predict the future. Realising this value is… Read more.

11:25- 11:50

International Keynote Presentation: Leveraging Basel Data Governance Requirements to Deliver Shareholder Value and Achieve Strategic Positioning

Driving innovation across the enterprise. How to drive business gains from data. Aligning and supporting speed of operational improvements with changes in mind-sets and behaviours. Sharing experiences on the journey to date, challenges, wins and future direction.  

11:50- 12:15

What’s Next in Data – The New Operational Data Hub Model to Accelerate Transformation

Lack of security, data integration problems and governance deficiencies have caused many digital transformation projects to underperform or fail.  With an Operational Data Hub the combination of robust Multi-Model features, Transactions (ACID) and Semantics supports a new approach for data and metadata management – without sacrificing governance and security. Hear how organisations are employing Operational… Read more.

12:15- 12:40

International Keynote Presentation: From Science Fiction to Science Fact – Taking Advantage of the Next Tech

AI, Machine learning and Deep learning: How do you look through the hype and get value out of them? Truly understanding the tangible benefits these technologies will deliver to your business. Understanding the latest developments in Natural Language Theory (NLT). Practical methods for integrating machine learning into the BI space. Next evolution for smart BI… Read more.

12:50- 14:20

VIP Private Luncheon

Hosted by SAS

13:50- 17:15


Delegates registering for the CDAO Forum can choose with track session to attend. 

Day 1 Track A – Data Governance, Protection and Privacy

13:50- 14:25

Discussion Group: How do you Embed Data Quality Throughout the Whole Organisation?

Changing the mentality on the non IT facing areas to focus on data quality. Demonstrating the long term implications of data quality to those at the business front line. Showing how important data quality is to the overall functioning of the business. Getting good data quality practices to stick over time.

14:25- 15:00

Discussion Group: The Executive Challenges of Building and Structuring your Analytics Team

The challenges at a senior level of delivery across Data Governance, Data Engineering &  Data Analytics. The right mix of deep technical understanding along with strategic visionary and operational aptitude. Growing pains of building a Data Analytics, Insights & Engineering team and the best people to manage this process? Hiring an executive who can deliver… Read more.

15:00- 15:35

Discussion Group: Next Generation Enterprise Data Warehousing

When it comes to Enterprise Data Warehouses, do value and speed/flexibility have to be mutually exclusive? How can your data warehouse keep pace with an Agile business models, deliver superior security and governance, and still reduce the total cost of ownership?  Learn how new data warehouse methodologies can allow you to deploy in weeks, rather… Read more.

15:35- 16:05

Afternoon Tea & Networking in the Exhibition Area

16:05- 16:40

Discussion Group: The Future of Data Rests in Dynamic Governance

Death of the data silo – How to effectively govern data in the age of data ubiquity.  Developing dynamic governance frameworks for peer-to-peer data sharing and customer data portability. Defining an organisational taxonomy of permitted – use for external data sharing – What should be allowed or disallowed by default? How can you manage the… Read more.

16:40- 17:15

Discussion Group: AI and Governance: Putting on the Brakes – What do you Need in Place First?

Most businesses are working with data analytics and machine learning, but how do you trust the data? What quality metrics do you have to get the foundations in place? This session will look at: Assessing whether AI can actually address the problem you need to solve.    

Day 1 Track B – Organisational Change

13:50- 14:25

Discussion Group: Managing Silos – A Holistic Approach to Managing Culture

Managing the stakeholders to make data informed decisions. Reducing the cost and security risk of siloed data pools. Minimising opportunity loss by departing from a siloed operating model. How do you break down silos in an enterprise organisation? Building one common platform and metadata framework across company. Agreeing on share standards.

14:25- 15:00

Discussion Group: Centralised versus Decentralised Analytics 

Which approach adds more value to the organisation? Engaging different parts of the business to align with it a central analytics strategy Can you have a centralised analytics capability (data, technology, tools etc) while having decentralised analytics teams?

15:00- 15:35

Discussion Group: Women & Diversity in Data

Overcoming the algorithmic bias created by an all white, male team – How a team diversity can actually produce more balanced results Analysing the traditional the barriers to entry – are these beginning to change? Why aren’t more diverse groups applying? How to encourage more diverse talent beyond just recruitment phase – Keeping diverse groups… Read more.

15:35- 16:05

Afternoon Tea & Networking in the Exhibition Area

16:05- 16:40

Presentation: “Harold”: Telstra’s Vendor Agnostic Platform to Enable AI and Machine Learning

The I in AI. Ensuring data ownership – Why and how? Solving customers intents… the highs and lows of using machine learning to replace traditional programming. Bringing together different disciplines.

16:40- 17:15

Presentation: Analytics for Decision Making in Sport

Specific problems faced by most sports organisations and how analytics has helped to improve outcomes. Analytics solutions that are translatable to other disciplines. New technologies for sports analytics – results so far of implementation in professional sports.

Day 1 Track C – Innovation

13:50- 14:25

Presentation: Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse- All Your Data, All Your Users

Join Snowflake for a discussion about their unique built-for-the-cloud architecture and the business value it enables. Snowflake Director of Sales Engineering APAC, Alan Eldridge, will discuss the Snowflake architecture and showcase real-world use cases with detailed examples of how Snowflake customers are using it to increase and accelerate their analytic workloads, streamline data loading, and… Read more.

14:25- 15:00

Presentation: Your Tax Experience – Building Simplicity and Trust

Right Data, Right Time for the Right Experience. Australia and its Digital Journey. The Australian Taxation Office – Prefill and Innovation. What will be the Future Experience?

15:00- 15:35

A Modern Data Analytics Environment, for Agility and Governance

Includes a case study presentation by the Victorian Country Fire Authority (CFA). Most of us are familiar with the shortcomings of traditional data warehouse architectures, including long development cycles, a lack of agility, and high cost of ownership. In response, many organisations are moving to “Data Lake” architectures and utilising cloud BI solutions, but is… Read more.

15:35- 16:05

Afternoon Tea & Networking in the Exhibition Area

16:05- 16:40

Presentation: Achieving Efficiency and Scale with a Modern Cloud Data Platform

Digital transformation is a must have for organizations today, and IT modernization is the first stepping stone. Getting rid of data silos and creating business transparency and agility requires organizations to completely rethink how they are managing their data across their enterprise and ecosystem. In this session, you’ll learn how to: Balance scalability and cost… Read more.

16:40- 17:15

Presentation: Successfully Helping Organisations Change

Day 1 Track D – Connects

14:25- 15:00

Let’s Talk  – Financial Services

Driving change in legacy banks to face the challenges from Fintechs. Wind down and network with those who have a common interest, work in a common field and can share their war stories!  

15:00- 15:35

Off the Record With…..

This is an additional session with our top international speaker. Totally unscripted, delegates will get to ask pressing questions of our international expert.

15:35- 16:05

Afternoon Tea & Networking in the Exhibition Area

16:05- 17:15

New format: VIP Think Tank – What’s Next for the Intelligent Enterprise? Trends, Talent & Technology

This closed door conversation will focus on “Too Hot To Touch” topics.   There’s no holding back in our candid discussions held. How better to get to know what your peers really think?