Focus Day


Data Governance+ Focus Day OR Pre-Conference Masterclasses

09:00- 09:25

Keynote Presentation: It’s Not a Project, it’s a Way of Life! Sustaining Good Governance Beyond Initial Implementation

What processes can you use to maintain high quality data over extended time periods to deliver an improvement for the long term? Developing a monitoring approach – the techniques that will help you identify and eliminate issues as part of your on-going governance program. Lessons learned – how can you avoid the bumps on the road… Read more.

Kevin Jeffery
Chief Data Officer - IP Australia

09:25- 09:50

Keynote Presentation: Evolving Data Warehousing and Platforms to Meet Future Demands

Creating value through data access and availability. Building a data platform that is adaptive to change and capable of supporting future innovations. Scope and challenges building an integrated data warehouse that supports data quality principles.

Steven Mellare
Head of Information Management - Pepper Money

09:50- 10:30

Roundtable Discussion: Building on Strong Foundations: Delivering an Organisation-Wide Data Governance Framework

What are the key considerations around implementing policies, standards, and education to ensure that your Data Quality remains high and compliant? How do you keep Data Governance relevant and engaging for all so it remains high on the agenda? Data Governance as the critical enabler? How do you package your data for use across the business?

Trisha Lee
Head of Data Compliance & Governance, Group Data, Risk Transformation - ANZ
Steven Mellare
Head of Information Management - Pepper Money

11:00- 11:25

Keynote Presentation: Driving the Data Quality Agenda Across the Business

Ensuring information provided by finance retains value and relevance to an ever-evolving business. Implementing a new reporting framework to better reflect the business operating model. Overcoming technology barriers and creating processes to improve the data quality across disparate systems. Establishing predictive rather than reactive data quality triggers.

Katarina Kolich
Head of Enterprise Data and Information Services - BNZ

11:25- 12:30

In-depth Focus: Practical Data Governance & Data Quality Strategies for Success

This extended session will equip you with the tools you need to create a strategy for improved data quality, data governance and lay the foundations for improved master and reference data management.  Identifying the obstacles for improved data quality within your organisation. Creating a framework for estimating and capturing benefits of DQ projects. Closing… Read more.


13:30- 14:00

Keynote Presentation: Introducing the Proposed Data Governance Australia Framework

  Understanding the new data governance Australia Framework   What is the impact for Australian corporates in terms of how they share and manage data?   Impacts of the Productivity Commission’s Framework for sharing government data Session sponsored by Yellowfin  


14:00- 14:25

Keynote Presentation: Data Privacy, Protection and Principles

 How effective can protections around data be? How legally binding are they? Tackling the inherent tension between open data and privacy. How should data ethics inform your policy?

Michelle Pinheiro
Director of Intellectual Property and Data Management - IAG

15:00- 15:25

Keynote Presentation: Governance Frameworks for Tomorrow’s Innovations

Assessing needs: What challenges do the latest advancements in technology present for our current data governance frameworks? Identifying opportunity: Developing a framework that supports the challenges of governing in an automated environment. People and Processes: Continually assessing the changing governance needs within your organisation.

Tina MacLean
General Manager, Information and Insights - ANZ Bank

15:25- 15:50

Keynote Presentation: Driving Engagement – Creating a Culture for Quality Data to Support Innovation

  Exploring Data Quality strategies and journeys.   Instilling a culture for data governance – what makes a winning data stewardship strategy?   Defence wins championships – empowering offence with a stable foundation of high quality, varied and accessible data.

Oliver Johnston
Head of Business Intelligence and Data Governance - Metlife

09:00- 12:00

MASTERCLASS A: Beyond Insight – Using Advanced Analytics to Solve Business Problems and Deliver Real Value

  What questions to ask the business in order to understand their pain points and identify problems to be solved?   Approaches to prioritise projects, making best use of limited resources and time.   The key to managing expectations of results, and setting expectations before projects begin.   The art of communicating data science to… Read more.

13:00- 16:00

MASTERCLASS B: From Idea to Value in Data Projects

Making data actionable both internally (within the Company) or externally (to customers) is the most direct way to value creation in data projects, but how can we assure that this will be the case in every initiative? How do we know if we are improving decision making, effectively automating processes, or creating new successful data… Read more.